Do you ever get the feeling you don't know what you're doing?

 Well. this page probably won't help very much...  but what the heck, welcome to

Kaz and Lina's

Incredible, Unbelievable,
Worth More Than A Whole Pot of Coffee
Laurel Stuff Website
(now featuring two new resident artists who are even better than us, at least we think so but we're biased...)

Kaz's Stuff

Lina's Stuff
Newest Project!!!
17th Century Pochette (Kit) Fiddle
The Malthouse

26 string Gothic Harp!!!
Tabletop Grain Roaster
Francis (Onager)
5th Century Frankish Axe
13th Century Sinphone
My Rebecs
14th Century Citole
My Lyres

11th Century Round Crwth

16th Century Jouhikko
Cantigas Citole

and now, featuring the kiddos

Ceilidh's Stuff

Aislinn's Stuff

Cael's Stuff

7th Century Germanic Rote
7th century English (Anglo Saxon) Lyre 6th century Gotland Lyre
15th Century Jouhikko 16th Century Fretted Zither
15th Century Bass Rebec 11th century Russian Gusli - Slovisha

And our chosen family - the friends and students we are so proud of           

   Fionnuala inghean Fhearghuis

   Loveday of Grimfells